[Matroska-users] Re: [Matroska-general] how can I covert mkv files into to avi?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Jan 21 14:33:04 CET 2008

Fermin Quant schrieb:
> I've been trying with an mkv file I found on the internet to extract 
> the video and audio separately and rejoining them into avi, but with 
> no succes.
> I tried with most of the tools you have on your site, but none of 
> those are able to get the video out properly or even convert the audio 
> to mp3.
> From your experiences, which is the best way to convert mkv files into 
> avi files?

This email belongs into matroska-users, not matroska-general. Please try 
to respect that for future communication.

Trying to convert MKV files into AVI files is big nonsense, to start 
with. MKV was created to overcome the limitations of the old, redundant 
AVI container. AVI was created about 20 years ago by Microsoft, and then 
abandoned for their own, better (but closed) WMV/ASF format/container. 
All the extensions to AVI which were added lateron were never really 
successful, mainly because most existing tools/apps for AVI handling, 
with Virtualdub being the most important, couldnt make use of them. AVI 
by itself is not even VBR MP3 capable, at least not in a clear manner.

I recommend to convert your MKV files into DVDs if you would like to see 
them in your saloon/living room on your DVD player, thats the safest way 
and will preserve most of the quality of the MKV file (of course, 
depending on what video/audio codecs were used in your MKV). Some video 
streams in MKVs, especially anime material, are VFR (Variable Framerate) 
and these video streams can no way be put into AVI, no matter what video 
codec you are using to recompress it, as AVI is bound to have a dixed 
time delay from one frame to the next (CFR = Constant Framerate). 
DVDs/MPEG on the other hand is VFR capable (in principle, not sure if 
thats true for every DVD player out there), as its younger and more 
modern than AVI.

The best tools to convert MKVs into DVDs are probably S.U.P.E.R. and 
Convert-X-to-DVD. For the latter there is a link on our homepage, 
technical/guide section, bringing you to a guide on how to use this 
tool. Using DVDSanta - as described on our homepage - is not recommended 
anylonger, as its developers are too stupid or not interested to fix 
even some of the more important bugs this program has, especially when 
trying to open MKV files.

Best Regards

matroska project admin

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