[Matroska-users] Problems with mkv-movie

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 23:41:43 CET 2008

BluRay players shouldn't understand what to do with an MKV file. You're going to have to transcode it to something the BluRay player can handle. This means either converting the file to a DVD Video disc (if your file is high definition, it won't be when you're done) or build a BluRay disc from it (I think there are one or two UNIX tools out there that can write the BluRay file structure, and in all likelihood you will need a BluRay burner to do this... If you're lucky, maybe a dual-layer DVD wil do, I really have no idea what will happen).

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i have a blu-ray player samsung d1400 , i burn an
dvd-r data with .mkv file with nero and the blu-ray
don`t read`it; what can i do to burn mkv file to read
the player 
sorry for my bad english... pls help tks

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