[Matroska-users] The last subtitles image breaks.

Makoto Daibo daibo at ba2.so-net.ne.jp
Sun Dec 28 08:02:13 CET 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you?
My name is mark10als. 

I checked the program source code. 
I found "r_vobsub.cpp" an improper code. 
"extraction_end_pos" used by 362,374 and lines of 378 of version 2.4.1 is unnecessary. 
It sets it as follows by 362 lines. 
>>    int64_t extraction_end_pos   = track->idx >= track->entries.size() ? sub_file->get_size() : track->entries[track->idx + 1].position;

The start address of the following subtitles is set if usual. 
However, when the last subtitles are processed, a value not correct is set. 

hanks in advance.


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