[Matroska-users] a/v sync problem after mkvmerge

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 21:09:52 CET 2008

>> I'm using 2.4.1 and the reason I'm using eac3to and mkvmerge is so I
>> can take advantage of eac3to's ability to piece together a set of
>> streams from a title spread across multiple non-sequential m2ts files.
>>  This is why I can't leave it out of the process.  Do you think eac3to
>> could be causing the sync problem?
> The problem is that using eac3to you most likely get rid of the
> timecodes. How are you calling eac3to?

I'm calling it like:

wine eac3to movie-folder -demux

I run this twice so it takes the gaps into account.  I end up with a
video file, audio files, and .gap files.  I use mkvmerge like:

mkvmerge -o movie.mkv *.h264 *.dtsma

Sometimes I see pts errors in mplayer when playing the mkv.

- Grant

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