[Matroska-users] The last subtitles image breaks.

Makoto Daibo daibo at ba2.so-net.ne.jp
Fri Dec 26 13:21:09 CET 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you?
My name is mark10als. 

The last subtitles image breaks. 
I made the MKV file with subtitles of IDX+SUB and the chapter according to the following procedures. 
However, the last subtitles are not displayed. 
The last subtitles are displayed in the state that the animation file is not merged with the subtitles file. 

The environment is WinXP Pro SP3. 
1.The MKV(H.264+AAC) file is made from DVD with handbrake 0.9.3. 
2.Subtitles (IDX+SUB) file is made from DVD with VSRip 
3.Two files of the above-mentioned are merged with mkvmarge (MKVToolnix 2.4.1). 

The last subtitles are not displayed with VLC, MPC, and the KMPlayer. 

The subtitles track was separated by using "MKVextractGUI.exe" from MKV. 
Separating IDX+SUB was converted into "son+psf+bmp" by using "vsconv.exe" or "subresync.exe". 
Image (bmp) of the last subtitles was an image blank (transparency). 

I think that the MKV file made in step 3 with subtitles is broken. 
Isn't there such "The last subtitles are not displayed" a situation in your place?

Could you please advise me how can I get it done?
hanks in advance.


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