[Matroska-users] broken or seek file problem,

Volkan Ileri (С.Петербург) volkan.ileri at crediteurope.ru
Wed Dec 3 08:30:07 CET 2008

I am a user of MKV files. Almost all my movies are MKV and I use a media jukebox to watch that movies. But for some files it is written that "broken or seek file " . I do know any thing what does it mean. But I know that if it is written, I am not able to watch all movie!
I spend 7-8 hours to download a 1080p movie, you cant imagine how much disappointment to see that error info on the screen.
Is there any thing to fix this problem? Do I do something wrong? Etc...
Please help me about this topic.

Thanks and Regards...
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