[Matroska-users] ffdshow, haali matroska and x264 mp4 and qt H264 movs?

David Thompson David.Thompson at premiumtv.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 00:35:06 CEST 2007


I am having a bit of a strange problem I am hoping someone can help out with.

I am using a flip factory transcoder and have a variety of source clip formats
including x264 mp4 files and H264 mov files.

To decode the x264 files, I have installed ffdshow 20051103 and haali matroska 

The problem is that with the matroska installed, Flip is no longer able to decode mov files with quicktime H264 codec and unfortunately this is a huge portion of our source material.

I am able to open the files in graphedit - which shows the path decoding file as:
clip - ffdshow mpeg4 video decoder - avi decompressor - video renderer.

I can also play the files in both windows media player and quicktime.

Can anyone please help out with ideas on solving this.  Is it maybe possible to not have matroska split mov files ... however, this may affect me in the long run with quicktime mp4 files!

Greatly appreciate your advice.



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