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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 15:13:50 CET 2007

On Nov 3, 2007, at 08.17, Wayne Brunkhrst wrote:

> I just downloaded Media Player Classic and was wondering how I  
> could disable the subtitles.
This is very dependent on one thing: what kind of subtitles are  
these. Are these "hard" subtitles, which are encoded directly on top  
of the video (you can tell by checking to see if the subtitles are at  
all fuzzy, or have any artifacting around them), or are they "soft"  
subtitles which are rendered on top of the video at the time of play.

If they're Hard Subs, you're out of luck. If they're Soft Subs, the  
option should be stashed in a menu somewhere. I've never used Media  
Player Classic, but my guess is that they would be either in View,  
Video, or their own menu of Subtitles. Otherwise, you'll have to  
check Media Player's documentation, website, and any mailing list/ 
forum they have (since they are the developers, and not the Matroska  
team, they would likely know more).

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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