[Matroska-users] MKV Playback in Vista Ultimate x64 and Media Center - Looking for a bit of help...

Rob Poretti rporetti at cogeco.ca
Sat Nov 10 19:53:46 CET 2007

Hi folks,


New to this list and I’m admitting upfront that I’ve been struggling for
about a month sorting out mkv playback on Media Center. Having said that,
I’m not a computer neophyte – I’m a VB/SQL programmer – but – LOL! -  that
makes it all the more frustrating!  Of course I will be very appreciative
about any help but I believe my background will allow me get things sorted
out quickly – I just need some knowledgeable direction...


Anyway, I believe I’ve tried 3 of 4 ways of getting this done – using posted
solutions that have worked for some folks, but obviously not working for me.
First off, I can playback .mkv files in WMP11 but not MC.  MC gives me the


Cannot Play Video

Windows Media Center cannot open the file.


I have a brand new HTPC system that I built and installed Vista Ultimate
64-bit.  I’m willing to reinstall Vista yet again (already done it twice!)
I’m comfortable using RegEdit and I’ve been currently using GraphEdit
<http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms787460.aspx>  and Filmerit
<http://paul.glagla.free.fr/filmerit_en.htm>  to troubleshoot problems.  I
have the latest CCCP package and a number of other CODEC packages – although
I’ve uninstalled all of them at this point.  Right now, the CCCP Community
CODEC Pack 2 is the only thing installed – but I believe it has the ffdshow
rev 1324 as part of it’s payload.


I’ve also run the Matroksa Diagnostic software on a MKV file...


The Directshow rendering shows a few failed items – specifically:


62> Failed connecting pin to DirectVobSub (auto-loading version), removing
it now.

265> Failed connecting pin to DirectVobSub (auto-loading version), removing
it now.


Everything else described as “OK”


Filmerit shows 0 errors amongst 164 filters...


GraphEdit shows an .mkv render graph as follows:


Movie.mkv   - Video  à ffdshow Video Decoder input  à Video Renderer VMR

Movie.mkv   - Audio  à ffdshow Audio Decoder input  à Default Direct Sound
Device Audio Input pin (rendered)


That’s about all the information I can think of that might help, but if
anyone needs something else, I’d be happy to get what you need...






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