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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 23:28:49 CET 2007

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On Mar 7, 2007, at 14.33, Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> marcella_tailor schrieb:
>> Am 06.03.2007 um 19:49 schrieb Christian HJ Wiesner:
>> marcella_tailor schrieb:
>>>> your project only makes trouble.
>>>> how could this be a standard if you are not able to handle all OS ?
>>> would you be so kind to tell us what OS you are using ?
>> hi, im using mac os 10.4.8 on a G5 dual 1,8ghz

I'm using 10.4.8 in a G4.

>>>> i wasted 5 hours on the web to find out how to demux or convert  
>>>> a mkv file.
>>>> no solution.
>>> Maybe your MKVs were not ment to be converted ? Did you ask the  
>>> author of the file why he was making a MKV, and not an AVI or  
>>> MPEG ? Maybe they are ment to just be watched and to be happy  
>>> about this ?
>> its a hdtv movie and i got it over two corners.
>> theres no perfect info about the format or whatevers inside.
>> i just want to extract the content and make it a dvd, nothing else.

VLC will tell you all about the file, as will mkvmerge -i in the  

>>>> please stop developing this stupid incompatible format.
>>> Here is your misunderstanding. matroska is NOT a format. Its a  
>>> general use audio and video container, allowing people to stuff  
>>> everything into it that is audio and video. From this unrivalled  
>>> flexibility does result the problem to support it perfectly in  
>>> software.
>> i know, i know, but i cant see any advantage in this if no dvd- 
>> player can handle it.
>> i dont want to watch my movies on the computer.

There are dramatic advantages if you're using a computer to view this  
(multiple tracks and embedded subtitles, etc.).

>>> Regards
>>> Christian
>>> matroska project admin
> You just confirmed that this is a High Definition movie, and this  
> was the reason why the author of the file chose matroska as  
> container. Currently only matroska will allow to combine a high  
> definition h.264 (AVC, Advanced Video Coding) video stream with an  
> Dolby AC3 audio stream into a single file. Here is your advantage,  
> the one you didnt want to see orginally.
> Of course, no DVD player can handle this because no DVD player  
> currently can handle high definition video. At least not a normal  
> DVD player. Those few DVD player units which can handle high  
> definition video require special DVDs, and the file size of those  
> will typically exceed 20 GB.

You mean HD-DVD and BluRay. They're VERY VERY different things. DVD,  
HD-DVD and BluRay are completely different formats.

> Sharing 20 GB via internet ? Nice idea ....

It's been done. whole collections of series of DVD images, and HD-DVD  
images. In fact, the first HD-DVD ripped (Serenity) was shared at  
about 19 GB, and was highly popular (by those who could play it)

> Now as we do know why the author of the file chose matroska  
> container for it, how can we help you to convert it into a normal  
> DVD, one you can watch on your normal DVD player, and on MaxOSX  
> even ? Well, the most easiest way would be to use ConvertXtoDVD on  
> Windows, but it seems you have no access to such a Windows PC, at  
> least not to convert a full DVD.
> We have to admit that there is not a lot of Mac users in the  
> matroska team, however, we do have a lot of outside supporters  
> meanwhile.  Just recently they discussed about a tool called http:// 
> www.ffmpegx.com/ , doing exactly that ... converting MKV files into  
> DVD, on a Mac. Of course, we would have loved to tell you about  
> that, but you preferred to insult us first and to tell us to stop  
> development of our 'stupid, unusable format' ;-) ....

ffmpegX is a reliable, open source tool that can read Matroska and  
can output a Video_TS directory that most programs will burn.  
However, ffmpegX is incapable of making menus or chapter points, in  
its current incarnation. If those things are important, you could try  
running the video through VLC and having it kick out an MOV (I think  
it supports H.264 and AC3). Problem is that QuickTime isn't too  
friendly with AC3. You might actually be up a creek if you're  
unwilling to lose audio quality. Worst case, have VLC kick out an AVI  
without transcoding the video (don't ever have it touch the video),  
then have it export WAV.
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