[Matroska-users] matroska

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Mar 6 19:49:09 CET 2007

marcella_tailor schrieb:
> your project only makes trouble.
> how could this be a standard if you are not able to handle all OS ?
would you be so kind to tell us what OS you are using ?
> i wasted 5 hours on the web to find out how to demux or convert a mkv 
> file.
> no solution.
Maybe your MKVs were not ment to be converted ? Did you ask the author 
of the file why he was making a MKV, and not an AVI or MPEG ? Maybe they 
are ment to just be watched and to be happy about this ?
> please stop developing this stupid incompatible format. 
Here is your misunderstanding. matroska is NOT a format. Its a general 
use audio and video container, allowing people to stuff everything into 
it that is audio and video. From this unrivalled flexibility does result 
the problem to support it perfectly in software.


matroska project admin

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