[Matroska-users] can't delete .mkv file

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Mar 6 07:25:47 CET 2007

guan yan schrieb:
> Hi there,
> As much as I want to use this wonderful file format for the first 
> time, I couldn't open it with MPC, Quicktime or Demon, and now I can't 
> even delete it. This .mkv is eating up 4G of space and I have tried 
> literally every solution offered, but I still can't delete it.
> The message keeps saying "This file is used by another person or 
> progress...try to close the progress and try again"...
> I have tried delete it under Safe Mode with no luck...
> Please help!!! Any clue what might went wrong?
> Maggie

4 GB ? Jesus Christ, have you made this file yourself, or did you obtain 
it from another source ? I really do wonder what type of video 
compression had been used here, so that the file could become this big. 
Is this maybe one of the (very rare) high-definition (HD) video files 
with extremely high picture resolution, using the modern h.264 (AVC) 
video compression method ? I heard these are more and more put into 
matroska container these days, as only matroska will allow to combine 
h.264 vidoe with AC3 audio.

MPC will only be able to play the file if you do have the correct video 
decoder installed, dont forget its a DirectShow based player and 
therefore will need a suitable DirectShow filter. Googling for the very 
latest ffdshow and installing it should do the trick. As soon as you did 
this, you will also be able to delete the file, because i reckon the 
file is blocked by a kind of preview mode in Windows explorer, which you 
have activated for the folder the file is in. This preview stuff is 
nice, it will typically show you the first image of the movie as a 
thumbnail in Explorer, but if the file cant be rendered correctly (due 
to missing DirectShow decoder filters) the file is blocked and you cant 
do anything with it.

Forget Quicktime. Its an Apple player, Apple is pushing their MOV 
container and will NEVER support matroska, so unless some private person 
will code a matroska plugin for Quicktime, this wont happen at all. I 
dont know Demon.

Your best bet to play the file is probably VLC player 0.86a from 
http://www.videolan.org . It is NOT DirectShow based and will therefore 
not help you with your preview problem in Windows Explorer, but it will 
certainly play your file fine. However, if i am correct about the nature 
of the file (extremely high picture resolution), it will require a very 
strong CPU to be able to play the file in sync and without stuttering 
(min. an Athlon XP 3400 or the like). Your only chance to play the file 
with a smaller CPU is the famous CoreAVC DirectShow decoder filter from 
http://corecodec.com . You will need MPC for the file then, make sure to 
install the Haali Mediasplitter (best coming in the great CCCP pack) for 
MKV rendering, and have to pay for CoreAVC.

To delete the file, should your CPU be too weak to play it, simply 
deactivate the Preview mode for the folder the file is in (in 'view' 
'options' 'show conventional view for folder'). Bear in mind, its not a 
problem with matroska, the container, you are having, but with the very 
special nature of this file, likely using a very modern video 
compression method of very high pixel resolution. Files like this 
shouldnt be distributed to normal users, or at least not without a 
detailled manual on what they have to do to be able to play them.

Best Regards

matroska project admin

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