[Matroska-users] DvdMenuXtractor

joel gwondaleya at free.fr
Thu Mar 29 01:41:18 CEST 2007

Hello all,

First of all, thanks for this fabulous container, really.

Since i like to be at the "bleeding edge" (and also to have the maximum 
possible of optimisation by the compiler) of the software i run  (mainly 
under gnu/linux), i often make my own compilation of latest svn or cvs repo.
Recently, the matroska trunk changed of tool for configuration and make 
file and so on (coremake).
I managed, after some trials and error, to be able to compile the 
libmatrosak and libeml and so on without too many problems. However, 
when it comes to the DvdMenuXtractor, which is a nice tool (i use the 
0.9.10 rev of DMX), i have tried many many times to get the compilation 
working, without no success.
First problems encountered,after alot of trial to generate the .mak 
file, was the options in the moc command file --I, instead of the -p 
expected, well i suppose)
after that, the include files are not found on my system( for example 
<Qstring> etc...)

Any advice or help in succeeding in the compilation is welcomed!!


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