[Matroska-users] Streaming MKV files via ASX scripts?

David Duffy davidnduffy at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 20:22:46 CEST 2007

I was experimenting with streaming MKV files via ASX scripts to Media Player 10 and VLC 0.8.6b and noticed the following:

1) A simple <entry> tag worked just fine and the file(s) would playback normally (including seeking and jumping to chapters once playing).

2) Using the <starttime value="1:00.0" /> tag would start one minute into the file in Media Player but that first minute would be "lost" and could not be jumped backwards into and the overall file length would be reported as one minute shorter.  On one computer I tried it on Media Player behaved strangely and would not play the video at first and generated a weird error about being low on memory (with a gig of free RAM) but would play after pressing the play button again, on another machine it was fine (but still "missing" the video from before starttime).  In VLC the tag was ignored and the file would play from the begining.

3) Using the <duration value="1:00.0" /> tag worked as expected and only played for one minute.

4) Both Media Player and VLC seemed to "ignore" the <startmarker number="2" name="Chapter 2" /> tag when I tried to apply it to Matroska chapters.

My questions now are:

1) Why does Media Player report the file length as being one minute shorter and "drop" that first minute when using the <starttime .../> tag with a MKV file?

2) Can some of the more advanced features like <startmarker .../> be made to work by making some changes in the splitter?  If so, is this something Haali or Gabest has time to implement?

3) Is VLC's behaviour on Windows dependent on filters or is it's ASX support coded internally? (note: I am not subscribed to any VLC mailing lists)

4) Is there some other mechanism to start a Matroska file playing at a particular chapter "automatically" instead of having to start at the begining of a file and manually select where to jump to?


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