[Matroska-users] .mkv files won't play

David Duffy davidnduffy at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 18 06:03:36 CEST 2007

There are lots of H.264 codecs for Windows that work in various players such as MediaPlayer.
A couple of them for example are ffdshow and CoreAVC.

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On Jul 15, 2007, at 18.03, Mitchell Martineau wrote:

> i installed the CCCP and tried to play it but it errors out i ran a  
> diag on it and heres the logfile....tell what i'm doing wrong!!

Well, it doesn't seem to be anything that YOU are doing wrong, but  
more of just something you're lacking. This would be the offending  
line here:

RenderFile with DirectShow : The media type of this file is not  
recognized. (0x80040240)

My guess is that it's a missing codec, most likely a video codec. I'm  
going to surmise it's probably an H.264 codec you're missing, as its  
popularity (and the percentage of Matroska files containing H.264) is  
skyrocketing. It's been ages since I've worked with Windows, but the  
two codec sources of H.264 that I'm aware of would be Apple, in  
QuickTime 7; and Ahead's Nero in their latest burning software.  
However, I'm not sure if the H.264 codec will work outside of  
QuickTime, or if you can get Ahead's codec without purchasing Nero.

Since we don't know what the codec is that we're missing, my only  
advice is to use VLC from http://www.videolan.org It contains  
maybe... twenty to fifty (I don't know the exact number) of  
internally linked codecs, and you should probably never need to  
install another codec ever again, so long as you use VLC. You'll find  
it also has native support for multiple audio, video and subtitle  
tracks, as well as chapters.

Worst case, if this is a codec so unusual, so rare, so unheard of  
that even VLC doesn't have a codec for it (and that's HIGHLY  
unlikely), we can at least use it as a tool to determine what codec  
we do need. However, I'm going to bet that all you'll ever need is VLC.

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