[Matroska-users] To make them into a movie.

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Feb 24 22:48:09 CET 2007

Tom White schrieb:
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>> Tom White schrieb:
>>>>> I have 124 .mkv files. With .rar files I use quickpar and then winrar
>>>>> to make the .rar files into a movie.
>>>>> What do I do with .mkv files ?
>>>>> Any help gratefully recieved.
>>>> MKV files are movies already. MKV is not a general packing program 
>>>> like WinRAR or WinZIP, MKV is a free, flexible mediacontainer 
>>>> similar to AVI or MPG. You can play MKV files either with VLC 
>>>> player from http://videolan.org , or you install the CCCP 
>>>> DirectShow pack from http://packs.matroska.org to play them on 
>>>> Windows Mediaplayer or any other DirectShow based player.
>>>> If you had taken the time to browse http://www.matroska.org , 
>>>> Guides section, just for 5 minutes, there would have been no reason 
>>>> to ask this question.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Christian
>>>> matroska project admin
>>> Tom White schrieb:
>>> I have done that already, I just can`t work it out.
>>> What I need is a fools guide.
>>> Perhaps I should stick to Quickpar and par files and rar files,
>>> you don`t seem to want to help.
>> How can you expect help, if you dont tell us what you have tried 
>> already, and why it failed ?
>> What can be easier than downloading VLC player, opening the MKV movie 
>> and playing it ?
>> What is there that can not be figured out by a person of normal 
>> intelligence ?
>> You sure as hell must be from the USA, those guys are really used to 
>> get everything free-to-mouth, and to complain HEAVILY if its not as 
>> easy as that ....
>> Regards
>> Christian
>> P.S. I for myself would feel embarassed if i would ask for a 'fools 
>> guide' for myself, but maybe thats a problem of my age/generation ....
> Let me try to explain my problem to you.
> I have downloaded 124 .mkv files which are just files not a movie.
How do you know ? Did you try to play these MKVs in VLC player, as i had 
told you several times already ?
> I now need to extract/or whatever to make these files into a movie.
> I am not asking how to play the move, but I want to know how to make 
> these files into a movie, which I will be able to play using the vlc 
> player.
>> Example.
> love_actually.mkv.001
> love_actually.mkv.002
> love_actually.mkv.003
> love_actually.mkv.004
> and so on up to
> love_actually.mkv.114
> also includedare files
> love_actually.mkv.vol000+001.115
> up to
> love_actually.mkv.vol255+256.123
> So maybe now you will understand my Question. I want to know how to 
> turn these files into a "Movie" that I can play on a player.

There are only 2 options :

1. These are renamed RAR files, renamed into MKV to confuse people. I 
dont know who could be doing this, but there are strange people out there.

2. Each of these MKV parts is a playable MKV, means a movie. If you want 
to make one long movie from this, you can try to use mkvtoolnix with its 
GUI mmg.exe and use  its 'append' feature to concatenate all these short 
MKV movies into one long movie. This will only work, however, if each 
MKV is using the same video and audio codecs and number of streams in it.



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