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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Feb 4 08:17:53 CET 2007

heff schrieb:
> */Hi/*
> */I have a movie in matroska format, and have downloaded the 
> matroskamerge application.  I already have DVD Santa (Full version) so 
> it would seem I have everything I need to burn the movie to a DVD./*
> */However, the full movie is contained in TWO SEPARATE files.  /*
> */I tried muxing the two files at the same time, but still got two 
> separate files.  Is there a way I can combine the two files to get one 
> single movie?/*
> */Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!  I am impressed by 
> the quality of the video and audio I have found using Matroska files./*
> */Regards/*
> */heff/*

Hi Heff,

matroska is just the most flexible mediacontainer existing, the quality 
of the audio and video streams contained in it, which you were so 
impressed about, are the result of the hard work of the developers 
making the audio and video codecs (compressor - decompressor).

To concatenate the two parts of your MKV movie, you can use mkvmerge, or 
its GUI (mmg.exe) respectively. This is described very well in the 
documentation coming with the software.

If DVD Santa will give you problems, you may check the /technical/guides 
section on matroska.org again, there is a new tool described called 
'ConvertXtoDVD' which will do a better job on some MKV files than 
DVDSanta can do.

Note : for questions like this there is a nice mailing list called 
matroska-users at lists.matroska.org. If you send your question to this 
list, you may receive help from more matroska supporters, not just me.


matroska project admin

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