[Matroska-users] I'm new and I have a question

Ariel Arelovich aarelovich at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:21:26 CET 2007


My name is Ariel and I'm from Argentina. I have been using mkv files for a
long time because the stuff I want to download over the web has been coded
into this format more and more. However I've recently bought a Divx Player
(I absolutely detest watching tv in my computer as it's not very comfortable
or relaxing) which means that I have to transform back to an avi format the
downloaded files. The problem is that I have no idea of how to convert the
video (which is this codec: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC and has a .h264 extension after
extraction with the mkv extract gui)  to, say, a xvid coded file so I can
the mux it with the audio and get me an avi.

I would really appreciate any help whatsoever on the matter.

Thank you very much.
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