[Matroska-users] ONe little question

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Aug 15 09:36:47 CEST 2007

John Albert schrieb:
> Hi!
> I just saw your MKV to DVD article, tried it and worked; what I wanted 
> to know if there is anyway I can burn mkv files to a DVD but first 
> give it a format (menu, scene selection and that) with a program 
> called DVD-Lab Pro 2, which doesn’t support nor MKV nor AVI files 
> (mpeg2 and some more)…. So, any idea? Im sorry for taking your time 
> and bother you, but Id really appreciate if you could help me with any 
> suggestion, idea, solution…
> Thanks!

To do that, you need to leave the easy 'all-in-one-tool' approach and do 
a step by step conversion. Meaning you need to convert the video track 
of the MKV into a video stream format (AVI ? MPEG2 ?) that can be loaded 
into your DVD Authoring program, and same applies for audio. I recommend 
the following :

- get the new VLC 0.86 C player (free) from videolan.org
- play the MKV file and look up the 'file info' page in VLC, to find out 
what codecs were used for video and audio in your MKV
- try to transcode the MKV into a MPEG file with VLC ('file' / 
'Streaming assistant' / 'transcoding' ), choosing MPEG2 as video, and 
leaving audio unchanged (maybe it IS AC3 already ?)

Report back if this works, and what info you could find out about the 
audio and video streams (their codecs) in the MKV you have.

matroska project admin

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