[Matroska-users] problem converting from avi to matroska

bayrouni bayrouni at brutele.be
Tue Apr 24 20:41:34 CEST 2007

Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
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> On Apr 23, 2007, at 16.38, bayrouni wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just encoded a vob file to mkv.
>> The first step is encode to avi(x264, ac3).
>> The second step is converting to mkv(x264, ac3) container.
>> the avi(x264, ac3) size is :  2,4G
>> mkvmerge -o title.mkv title.avi result is:
>> title.mkv: 1023M
>> And obviously the video is truncated.
>> Sure that  I am doing something wrong and bad.
> Impossible to say without more information. What encoding program did 
> you use? What settings did you use for remuxing to MKV? What operating 
> system are you using? And what format is the partition you're writing 
> to? Any of these things could possibly have an affect on the outcome.
> d:weight_b:threads=auto \


I am using mencoder to encode with:

bitrate is 1500.
cropping dermined with mplayer -vf detectcrop.

mencoder ${TITLE} -ovc x264  -vf crop=${CROP},harddup

     -oac copy                                           \

     -of avi                                             \
     -o ${TITLE%.vob}_pass1.avi

and the same without turbo for pass=2

-ovc x264 -x264encopts 

I notice something not normal in the avi (after 2 pass). :  cannot do 
seeking.  I used the same options for many videos DVD  and they work 
fine as avi and as mkv.

What could be causing the anomaly: can't seeking when I press arrows 
with mplayer?

At the first step to pass to mkv, I use simply:
mkvmerge -o title.mkv title.avi
The avi contains yet x264 and ac3 audio.
I never had this issue before.
My operating system is debian lenny and reiserfs partition.

The same os, partions mencoder options mkv merging worked fine with all 
others DVDs.

Thank you

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