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Mon Apr 23 04:41:39 CEST 2007

On Apr 20, 2007, at 19.48, Danville Clarke wrote:

> matroska-users-request at lists.matroska.org wrote:

> 1. problems with mkv files (Miguel Chambergo)
I assume when you say "everything" you mean that you have all the  
MATROSKA codecs. If not, you can download here:

Make sure that you also get MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC. Install all the  
codecs, splitters, mux tools, MKVextractGUI, and also get the  
"MatroskaDiag", very important. The Diag will tell you if the codecs  
you have are right. If after you do all that you still can't play the  
file..... well i think your file might be corrupted. I hope that that  
is not the case but, it happens sometimes. Good luck, your going to  
need it.
Before you say "the file is corrupt" because the Matroska splitter,  
or the H.264/AAC codecs don't function. Windows' registry being  
damaged could cause this exact same problem. Try using VLC. It's  
statically linked libraries should be immune to problems like this,  
and uses its own demuxers and codecs, ruling out problems with  
additional Windows components.
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