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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 04:30:50 CEST 2007

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On Apr 8, 2007, at 13.17, Teodor Bucur wrote:

>   Hello there, I have recently discovered the matroska videofile,  
> it is a bit late but non the less I am not living in the US so that  
> might be a good reason. I have to say that I was astonished. I  
> adored it, the resolution and the picture was absolutley stunning  
> and it is not too large in size.

Well, that's technically not Matroska's "fault." That has to do with  
the video source (analog TV vs. DVD vs. HDTV) and the codec (MPEG-1  
vs. MPEG-2 vs. H.263 vs. MPEG-4 vs. H.264).

> I think it's the most perfect and the best thing there is. I came  
> up on this format while downloading the NBA All Star Game 2007 and  
> it was so great because it was an enormous pleasure to watch it.  
> Since then I have encountered not more then 2 others  
> unfortuanatley. This is the reason I am emailng, because I want to  
> ask you if you know a torrent site wich has loads of files .mkw  
> format because I would very much like to see all my movies or such  
> on .mkw format.

Well, it's .mkv, but the audio-only format is .mka. Technically, the  
torrent you're talking about is illegal in the United States. I doubt  
there's a dedicated Matroska-only provider, but as far as trying to  
find a Matroska file, they're usually found with multi-lingual  
torrents (IE: foreign films with dubbing and subtitling), fan- 
subbing, and HD rips (since AVI is picky when it comes to  
combinations with H.264)

> The other thing I want to ask if it's possible to convert for  
> exemple an .avi , .mpeg or .mp4 file into .mkw and if so please  
> inform me wich program is best for the job.

Part of the thing is that transcoding the video from those formats  
would actually degrade video and audio quality. However, remuxing  
them with mkvtool (or mkvtoolnix for UNIX systems) will throw them  
into a Matroska, but unless those files have external subtitle files  
(IDX, SUB, SSA, ASS, SRT, etc), you're not going to gain ANYTHING AT  

> Thank you very much and I would appreciate it if you could get back  
> to me. Good job, excellent work with the .mkw file. Good luck in  
> the future and hopefully you will do us a favor and get rid of .avi  
> or .mpeg files for us.

Well, with the limitations of AVI becoming more relevant (AAC and H. 
264 in the same file), but it likely won't overtake AVI's use anytime  
in the near future, since there isn't a lot of awareness, or that  
much requiring its use.
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