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Teodor Bucur teodorb.lawyer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 19:17:26 CEST 2007

  Hello there, I have recently discovered the matroska videofile, it is a
bit late but non the less I am not living in the US so that might be a good
reason. I have to say that I was astonished. I adored it, the resolution and
the picture was absolutley stunning and it is not too large in size. I think
it's the most perfect and the best thing there is. I came up on this format
while downloading the NBA All Star Game 2007 and it was so great because it
was an enormous pleasure to watch it. Since then I have encountered not more
then 2 others unfortuanatley. This is the reason I am emailng, because I
want to ask you if you know a torrent site wich has loads of files .mkw
format because I would very much like to see all my movies or such on .mkw
format. The other thing I want to ask if it's possible to convert for
exemple an .avi , .mpeg or .mp4 file into .mkw and if so please inform me
wich program is best for the job. Thank you very much and I would appreciate
it if you could get back to me. Good job, excellent work with the .mkw file.
Good luck in the future and hopefully you will do us a favor and get rid of
.avi or .mpeg files for us.

   Thank you,
           Bucur Teodor
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