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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Oct 24 20:35:08 CEST 2006


We can expect potential users to do a little bit of searching on our 
homepage, can we ? Please, do us the favour and spread your nonsense 
about 'dead-end-formats' someplace else. Riverpast is M$ DirectShow 
based and will work for maybe 25% of the MKV files, in best case. Be 
happy it worked for your MKV, whereever you obtained it, and leave us alone.

BTW : MPEG2 encoders are subject to patents and do cost money, and we 
all are living in countries where copyright laws are valid and violation 
prosecuted. So why on earth should we invest time to develop a MKV to 
MPEG2 encoder ? To get critized for offering such a tool for money, if 
there are many freeware tools available, offered from places that dont 
care about MPEG licenses ?

BTW2 : We hear that right now WinAVI is the most powerful MKV-to-DVD 
converter, but none of us has the time to work on a Guide about it. Our 
focus is on improving our container, not on ways to convert MKV files 
into other stuff.
Feel welcome to write such a Guide, and if possible in all supported 
languages on matroska.org, we promise to publish it.


matroska project admin

Harry Porter schrieb:

> *Hi again:   Here is at least one answer to my question on how to 
> convert the 'dead end' .MKV files to something you can burn.*
> ** 
> *River Past's Video Cleaner Pro (v5 and up) will do the conversion.   
> You have to load the Matroska Full Pack along with the program.    
> Depending on the other codecs you have you can convert from ".mkv" to 
> ".avi",*
> *".divx" or ".mpeg" and go from there to a VideoCD or a DVD.   This 
> works.  You should post this on your forum.*
> ** 
> *Most computer formats are designed for flexibility in useage; but, 
> there are a few other dead end formats where conversion is meant to be 
> one way such as yours.   Thankfully most are not sucessful.*
> ** 
> *You should immediately design a decoder to go with the encoder for 
> that format.    then all those who wish to stare at a computer monitor 
> for their entertainment can; and, those of us who want more, and put 
> the stuff on something for the mainstream TV viewing.*
> ** 
> *Have fun,    Harry*
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