[Matroska-users] Software for easy tagging multiple mkv

Andreas Demant ADemant at gmx.de
Mon Oct 2 13:03:57 CEST 2006

I'm new to the list, because I've problems with the current tagging system of Matroska.

On the Internet-Site there are a few hints, how to tag a matroska file, but there is no software named.

Or the tagging with recommend software is not logic.

I've tried to tag a few mkv with the nice tool mkvmerge. It has the option to load the tags from a xml-file. But the example xml-file from the matroska-site (http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/tagexamples/example.xml) is said to be corrupt. After changing the first letters of the tags into capital letters, the tags <Tag> and <Tags> are accepted, but the others are not. I've tried the tags from the specification in all combination of upper/lower letters, but it wouldn't help.

Then I've tagged a file with the shell extension, saved the tags as xml-file and tried to import this xml-file with mkvmerge. First, the shell extension use a tag <Simple>, which is not listed in the specification, but accepted from mkvmerge. Second, it use a tag <Name> (nested inside <Simple>), which is not accepted from mkvmerge (it says, that <Name> isn't a correct child of <Simple>).

Further the shell extension can only import from mp3 or avi, but no xml-file.

Can anyone help me to tag multiple files, with least effort?

with best regard
Andreas Demant
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