[Matroska-users] About Haali splitter, and others things

Jean-Philippe Scotto Di Rinaldi jpsdr at wanadoo.fr
Wed Nov 8 18:25:51 CET 2006


Since a very short time, i've problem exporting/re-encoding some 
h.264 mkv files.
Before, everything worked fine, but since a very short time, i've encouter some
files i'm unable to do anything.

As your mkv2vfr doesn't work either, i contact you. Maybe you can fix 
things, or
tell me what to do.
With this mail, i've put a torrent file, wich allow you to download a file
wich have the problem.

Description of the problem.

For H.264, i use the lattest ffdshow codec.
I use the latest mkvtools i've found (1.7.0).
I use your latest splitter.

VLC and Media Player classic report the file at 23.976fps, the same 
for mkv2vfr.
File, as i remember, play correctly with MPC or VLC.

I've discover your mkv2vfr only since a few days. Before, to convert 
files, i was
doing the following :
mkvextract (of video track), and avc2avi.
mkv2vfr seems better for 2 things :
- A very long way faster !
- Automatic detection of fps.

So, if from the mkv file, i do an avi files with mkvextrac + avc2avi 
with fps of
23.976, i've an avi file of 24 minutes long.
But, problem is after extracting audio, the audio file is found to be 
23 minutes long !
Audio file is correct, because subtitles are still sync with audio.
Of course, this way, audio and video are out of sync.
So, i've decided to cheat. I calculate an fps for having a video file 
of 23 minutes,
wich give me around 25.5fps.
Begin again : mkvextrac + avc2avi with fps of 25.5.
I've my audio and video files wich have both same length. I re-encode my file
in Divx, remux with mkvmerge. Audio and subtitles are sync, but not audio and
video, except for the few seconds on the begining and the end.
So, this cheat doesn't work.

A few days ago, i've found a new version of your spliter, and discover mkv2vfr.
Wonderfull i'm telling to myself !
So, i test it.
Report file to be a 23.976fps... seems good.
Open the avi file in VDub. Go to the end of the file,
report to be at 23 minutes... seems very good.
Go to file property, report to be 25.5fps.... seems not good at all !!!!
Begin to be very suspicious of result. And, unfortunately, same as before,
video and audio not sync. Same result than doing avc2avi with 25.5fps.

I've also try to open the mkv in VDub via an avisynth script, with
"directshowsource" command.
Well, result is different. Audio and video not sync, and video file truncated
before the end when you do the process. But, you can go to the end of the file
by navigating on it with VDub.

Some, i'm totaly lost, i've absolutly no idea of how re-encode theses files.
If you know how to do, i'm VERY VERY interested.

Sorry for my low level english, i hope i'll be understandable.

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