[Matroska-users] DvdSanta Alternative

KiwiMutant robeale at ihug.co.nz
Sun Nov 5 05:12:36 CET 2006

Is there an alternative program to DvdSanta. Of all my dvd files Santa 
will only recognise the audio stream of one, which shows the audio type 
as PCM. It will not recognise audio streams in mkv files that are AAC, 
ac3 or mp3. I don't know what to do. Have used mkvmerge to separate the 
audio file, then used Xilisoft converter to convert AAC to mp3 or wave, 
but get error: Max no. scalefactor bands exceeded. Roxio does not 
recognise mkv files and niether will Nero 7. Have now loaded my PC with 
every software I can find. DivX, DvdSanta, Dvd Shrink Undisker, Dvd 
Decryptor etc etc etc. Nothing will allow me to use this file other than 
Core Media player to view it but how can I write it to disk. Used your 
advice and installed ChanelDownmixer but this doesn't seem to do 
anything. Once I have opened the mkv file with mkvmerge and selected the 
particular Audio file with the video file and muxed. What do I do next 
when DvdSanta won't support the audio format. Any suggestions please?

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