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Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Tue May 23 04:21:43 CEST 2006

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On May 21, 2006, at 02.14, Jeff wrote:

> Hi, I've just downloaded some files that are in the .mkv format.   
> But I am having some trouble playing them.  I downloaded the  
> Matroska Full Pack and installed it along with several other codecs  
> and such, then run several diagnostics with your software, but I am  
> still unable to play the .mkv files.  Could you please tell me what  
> I need to do?  My diagnostic report is attached with this email.

I took a peek at the report, and it looks like something's going  
wrong with your Vorbis decoder, your AC3 decoder, and/or your VobSub  
decoder. I noticed errors involving all three of those. However, it's  
been ages since I've worked with Windows, so I can't tell how severe  
these errors are.

As useful as the report is, it could be helpful if you could tell us  
what media player you are using to try and playback your MKV file,  
and if you've tried any others. It might be worth your while to try  
VLC. Its MKV demuxer and codecs are separate from the system's codecs  
and demuxers, so it will help at least determine if it's something  
wrong with your MKV Pack (some bit of corrupted data, etc.) or your  

> Thanks for your time,
> Jeffrey
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