[Matroska-users] Re: Concatenating Ogg/Theora

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat May 6 10:05:32 CEST 2006

Pablo Lorenzzoni schrieb:

>Thanks for your reply. 
>MMG generated the following command-line: mkvmerge -o "/tmp/teste.mkv"
>-a 0 -d 1 -S /tmp/teste1.ogg -a 0 -d 1 -S + /tmp/teste2.ogg
>--track-order 0:0,0:1 --append-to 1:0:0:0,1:1:0:1
>/tmp/teste.mkv was properly generated:
>bash$ mkvmerge -i /tmp/teste.mkv
>File '/tmp/teste.mkv': container: Matroska
>Track ID 1: audio (A_VORBIS)
>Track ID 2: video (V_THEORA)
>But mkvextract seems not to cooperate:
>bash$ mkvextract tracks teste.mkv 2:theora.ogg
>Error: Extraction of track number 2 with the CodecID 'V_THEORA' is not
>Have I done anything wrong? Is there any syntax I should use different
>with mkvextract?
Hi Pablo,

seems as if  Mosu had no time to add Ogg Theora extraction to mkvextract 
yet. Note that my email to the Ogg mailing list was about concatenating 
Ogg Vorbis files, not Ogg Theora files.

matroska project admin

>Em Sáb, 06 Mai 2006, Christian HJ Wiesner escreveu:
>| Pablo Lorenzzoni schrieb:
>| >Hello!
>| >I read [1] that mkvtoolnix is able to concatenate Ogg/Theora files by
>| >first merging and then extracting it. I am not quite sure how to do
>| >that, since manpage for mkvextract states that
>| >"Each output name should be used only once. The exception are RealAudio
>| >and RealVideo tracks."
>| >Since I want to get two Ogg/Theora files into one (and chaining them is
>| >not an option), I would very much like to understand what was that you
>| >meant in that email.
>| >Best regards,Pablo
>| 1. Get mkvtoolnix from http://mkvtoolnix.matroska.org
>| 2. Fire up mmg (the GUI)
>| 3. Press 'add' and point it to the first Ogg Theora file
>| 4. Press '+' and point it to the second part
>| 5. Mux it into a MKV file by pressing 'Start'
>| 6. Use mkvextract from command line on the final MKV, to get a new, concatenated Ogg file
>| Christian
>| matroska project admin

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