[Matroska-users] MatroskaSplitter: Default OGM language problem

Bernhard Ege bernhard at ege.cc
Sat May 13 00:36:50 CEST 2006

I have finally switched away from OggDS to Haali Media Splitter 
(MatroskaSplitter) but am now faced with a problem I need some help with:

I have many OGM files that have 2 audio tracks, one english and one 
commentary. MatroskaSplitter calls then "[English]" and "Commentary 
[Undetermined]" in the system tray icon.

My problem is that the splitter always selects the Commentary over the 
English track when using Windows Media Player 10 and the opposite when 
using Windows Media Player 6.4 (mplayer2). In wmp10, the "[English]" 
track is called "English (USA)" and the Commentary is called "Audio 
Track 2".

I have tried many variations of eng,usa,com,unk,und (I am guessing here, 
can't find any documentation) in the Language configuration in 
MatroskaSplitter but it has yet to have any influence on the situation.

How do I make MatroskaSplitter select the English language over the 
Commentary, always?



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