[Matroska-users] Re: Concatenating Ogg/Theora

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat May 6 08:46:53 CEST 2006

Pablo Lorenzzoni schrieb:

>I read [1] that mkvtoolnix is able to concatenate Ogg/Theora files by
>first merging and then extracting it. I am not quite sure how to do
>that, since manpage for mkvextract states that
>"Each output name should be used only once. The exception are RealAudio
>and RealVideo tracks."
>Since I want to get two Ogg/Theora files into one (and chaining them is
>not an option), I would very much like to understand what was that you
>meant in that email.
>Best regards,Pablo

1. Get mkvtoolnix from http://mkvtoolnix.matroska.org
2. Fire up mmg (the GUI)
3. Press 'add' and point it to the first Ogg Theora file
4. Press '+' and point it to the second part
5. Mux it into a MKV file by pressing 'Start'
6. Use mkvextract from command line on the final MKV, to get a new, 
concatenated Ogg file

matroska project admin

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