[Matroska-users] MKV > DVD Macintosh OSX

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Mar 23 18:36:20 CET 2006

Douglas Wagner schrieb:

> Hello :
> I have a movie in mkv format I'd like to copy to a DVD. I've searched  
> your site and the Internet but have not found a solution for  
> Macintosh OSX.
> Please tell me where I can find the means to convert the file or,  
> otherwise, solve the problem.
> Best Wishes: Douglas Wagner 

Hi Doug,

sorry but we are not aware of any MKV to DVD conversion tool on MacOSX, 
but you could try




and check if they do have MacOSX compiles available or not. These tools 
may allow you to convert your MKV into MPEG2 or AVI, for further 
conversion into DVD , whatever input format your DVD authoring app on 
MacOSX will accept. Just note that conversion to AVI may fail, be 
problematic or lead to serious quality degradation. After all, MKV has 
been invented to overcome the many limits of old AVI, and to allow 
better quality.

matroska project admin

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