[Matroska-users] Different audio track inside a file

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Wed Mar 15 07:32:52 CET 2006

Duct Tape Tip No. 94:
     Display your concern for animal welfare:
     Tape turtles shell to shell so if they get accidentally turned  
over, they can still get where they're going
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On Mar 14, 2006, at 15.19, Francesco Tusa wrote:

> Hi. I'd like to mux:
> 1) Video track 23.976 fps
> 2) Audio DTS same length of video
> 3) AC3 track shorter than video (25 fps)
Uhh, last I checked, audio wasn't measured in frames (at least, not  
in the same way that video frames exist)
> How can I get the audio synchronized with video in both cases?
> I've also tried to stretch the track 3) by a factor 25/23.976.
This goes back to the frame point. How long is the video? How long is  
the out-of-sync audio track? Stretch the file by that factor to fit.  
But there may be another problem. Once I ran across a video where the  
audio grew progressively out of sync. Unfortunately, the Matroska  
tools don't have an option to counteract progressive loss of A/V  
sync, but OGM tools did. I muxed the b0rk'd audio with the video in  
OGMmerge, and then pulled that into MKVmerge.
> I've tried to use external timestamps for the track 3) (getting  
> them from the 2)).
> Any idea is well come.
> Thanks
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