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René Koch renekoch at e-divx.at
Wed Mar 29 17:28:23 CEST 2006



As I didn’t had much time the last months, I’m not really up-to-date with
the last status of Matroska menus and so I’ve some questions and also a
suggestion for the DVDMenuXtractor.


So, what’s the actual status of the Matroska menus and what’s planned for
the future?


All I know is:

-          It’s possible to demux menus with DVDMenuXtractor (this doesn’t
work with some of my DVDs, but that’s not so important now) and mux it into
MKV with mkvmerge (gui).

-          Playback should be possible with VLC, but there are some problems
if the buttons for navigation are small. Correct?

-          There’s no dshow based playback solution yet.


What I want to know is:

-          Is someone working on a direct show based playback solution? VLC
is a really good multi-platform player, but there are so many users who just
have a direct show based player and don’t want to install VLC.

-          How can I create an own menu for e.g. captured movies,
? Do I
have to create a DVD conform menu with e.g. Nero Vision and then use the
DVDMenuXtrator and mkvmerge gui or is there another way without this loop
way to DVD menus?


There is also a very important point:

In the EU (and some other countries) it’s forbidden to copy DVDs and CDs
with a copy protection (I think that’s absolutely a bullshit but that’s
another story..). But DVDMenuXtractor does remove a CSS-protection (tested
it with a copy protected DVD). So the point is, that this program does
technically the same as DVDDecrypter – it removes a copy protection and so
this program is illegal. 

I think that libdvdcss.dll does this ‘feature’. So is it possible to
implement a copy protection check (I think CSS-check should be enough for
DVDs) and stop with an error message if the DVD is copy protected (release a
legal version for countries in the EU,

As this is the only program I know for preparing DVD menus to mux them into
MKV (correct me if I’m wrong and there are other programs) it’s in my
opinion a step back for Matroska menus when this software is illegal in many





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