[Matroska-users] Demultiplexing Matroska

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Mon Mar 13 07:10:17 CET 2006

Hello. I'm looking to chop a file I converted to Matroska. However,  
the point I'm looking to chop the file up at is not a key-frame. All  
attempts to de-multiplex the video have failed. Using mencoder with  
Video Codec copy and Audio Codec copy, the file still had the  
aggressive key frame problems. Using mkvextract, and then re- 
multiplexing the file with mencoder yielded out-of-sync audio (The  
Matroska file was padded for in-sync audio). Using VLC, I get the  
same results.

I don't want to transcode this video any more times than I have to. A  
Windows application is not an option. I'm using Mac OS X, and I know  
my way around the UNIX core, so I'm not scared of the CLI. I'm hoping  
remultiplex the video into either AVI, OGM, or some other format, and  
allowing for me to cut between key-frames without massive damage to  
the video.

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