[Matroska-users] Cannot Extract Tracks (Garbled Output)

Mark Kane mark at mkproductions.org
Mon Jun 12 01:00:18 CEST 2006

On Sat, Jun 10, 2006, at 14:10:53 -0500, Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
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> On Jun 10, 2006, at 01.26, Mark Kane wrote:
> > On Fri, Jun 09, 2006, at 23:57:00 -0500, Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
> >> Well, your MPlayer version is waaaaay out of date. Upgrading to SVN
> >> is advised.
> >
> > I'm using the latest from the FreeBSD ports system. Reading the  
> > changes
> > on the port, it's said to be using 1.0pre7, which sounds fairly
> > close to the "1.0pre7try2" that's on the MPlayer site. I understand
> > SVN is current and the most up to date, but I am using the newest
> > version that
> > has been ported to my OS.
> Even 1.0pre7 is ages out of date. The guys on the MPlayer Mailing  
> List pretty much refuse to help anyone who is still using it because  
> there have been so many bugfixes and enhancements since then.  
> Including one or two that have to do with seeking (and other things)  
> in MKV files. But it's your call. Compiling from scratch isn't that  
> bad. You'll get tons of features you probably couldn't get otherwise  
> (including the ability to encode to H.264)
> Part of your problem probably is that 1.0pre7 is out of date. The H. 
> 264 upgrades to FFMPEG between now and then have been by leaps and  
> bounds. The support in 1.0pre7 (even try2) is a paltry offering  
> compared to what is available. Your problem with forcing the codec  
> might be that your version of MPlayer doesn't understand the codec  
> you're trying to use.

Well I wrote something in response to that but it appears right when I
check their site now, MPlayer 1.0pre8 is out. I'm sure it'll be updated
in FreeBSD ports soon. 

I have no problem compiling from source since that's what FreeBSD's
ports system is anyway. I'll wait for pre8 and if not then try SVN :)

> Well, let's just do this in one simple step:
> mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy (input file).mkv -o (output file).avi
> I've had some problems with SOME MKV files losing audio sync, or  
> screwing up the keyframes, though I believe this might just be  
> limited to a select set of MKV files I generated. Your milage may
> vary.

Yep, that worked somewhat. The outputted avi file plays in MPlayer and
xine...not VLC though (only plays garbled skipping sound and no video).
When playing one of the .avi files that was outputted like this, after
about 15 seconds the picture turns all to blocks and MPlayer outputs:

[h264 @ 0xa2fa70]error while decoding MB 0 22262 81% 20%  1.2% 208 0
[h264 @ 0xa2fa70]concealing 1760 DC, 1760 AC, 1760 MV errors

The other one I tried lost sound after about 10-15 seconds, with:

a52: CRC check failed!  2.283 ct:  1.877 451/451 83% 27%  1.6% 393 0
a52: error at resampling

The .avi files after using mencoder do have audio sync issues, by about
3-5 seconds. When doing the mencoder step, it did give lots of these,
but I'm not sure what they are since I usually do not use mencoder: 

Writing AVI header...
ODML: Aspect information not (yet?) available or unspecified, not
writing vprp header.
ODML: Aspect information not (yet?) available or unspecified, not
writing vprp header.
Pos:   0.9s     21f ( 0%)   0fps Trem:   0min  12mb  A-V:-0.083 [0:128]
1 duplicate frame(s)!
Pos:   1.3s     31f ( 1%)   0fps Trem:   0min  11mb  A-V:-0.083
1 duplicate frame(s)!

Perhaps MPlayer pre8 or SVN would fix some of those issues. By
the way, my ffmpeg version is: 




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