[Matroska-users] Matroska contribution

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Jul 17 18:41:34 CEST 2006

Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
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> On Jul 15, 2006, at 20.22, IL'dar AKHmetgaleev wrote:
>> Hello all matroska developers/users!
>> I was wandered when I learned more about matroska.
>> H264 + Vorbis or aac in couple with matroske makes amazing results.
>> Now I wish to move my video portfolio to matroska file format. But to 
>> do this I must be sure that my mkv's will be playable under M$ 
>> windows. I'll try VLC for windows soon as I got access to windows 
>> machine.
> Matroska will play on ANY computer. It's all about the software. The 
> only player that is cross-platform, fully supports Matroska, and doesn't 
> require installation of anything into your system (why video playback is 
> made part of the operating system in Windows is beyond me!)
>> Just now I propose my own H264+vorbis matroska sample: 
>> http://akhil.nightmail.ru/MediaSHIT_640_h264_vorbis.mkv .
>> This video distributed under Free Art License. Fill free to 
>> redistribute, re-encode, reuse or even edit this movie.
> Try Creative Commons, it's a little more well known.
>> Will be nice to get some tools, or even just descriptions for matroska 
>> menus.
> It would be nice to know ANYTHING about menus. Details are very sketchy 
> on that so far.

Well, the doc is there to use:


There is no fancy tools to create menus so far, as the only "chapter 
codec" we have so far mimics all the DVD behaviours with some of the 
binary data. So you need to know the structure of a DVD.

You can have a look at the XML files produced by DvdMenuXtractor (google 
it) to see what kind of chapters you need to create.


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