[Matroska-users] have codec and many players, files still will not play

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Jul 7 08:31:04 CEST 2006

toasty schrieb:

> i have downloaded the pack on your website aswell as thecore media 
> player and vlc and i have been unable to get any of the players to 
> play .mkv files.  i have gone through all of the things that you 
> recommend doing to play this stuff and it still d oesnt work.  the 
> closest i have gotten is with the VLC player which will play distorted 
> images and sound.  all players will play sound but not video.  btw vlc 
> player sucks, i dont know why you guys recommend it, the lack of 
> functions in f ull screen mode aswell as the choppyness that it 
> demonstrates while running is pretty bad.  i just want to be able to 
> play this stuff in media player or realplayer, but neither of those 
> programs worked, even after i installed your codec pack. pleas e tell 
> me how to fix this, i really want to watch my shows and i cant because 
> they are all in matroska format.

This is with high probability one of the few HD-TV high resolution h.264 
compression files, and your CPU is likely too weak to play the file. It 
will typically require a Pentium IV 3 Ghz, or better.

C. Wiesner

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