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Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Sat Jan 21 03:53:00 CET 2006

I'm sorry, but I do not speak Japanese. Included in this message is a  
Babelfish translation. The Babelfish translation into English was  
rather... poor, but I hope the English to Japanese translation goes a  
little better.
' 残念なm しかし私は日本語を話さない。Babelfish 翻 
Babelfish 翻訳は... 貧乏人むしろだったが、英語から 

If I understand this correctly, you are attempting to compile the  
"lite" version of Matroska. I'm not entirely sure what that is. Also,  
when you try to compile it, you get some sort of error. We need a  
little more to go on. It would help if we knew what your operating  
system was (and the version number) and a little more about your  
system specifications. If you could also give us the exact error,  
that would help a lot.
私がこれを正しく理解すれば、Matroska の"ライト" 版 
ティングシステムが(バージョン・ナンバー) 及びあ 

If that was not your question, then I apologize for the inconvenience.

"Diplomacy is a way of saying 'Go To Hell' in such a way that they  
look forward to the journey."
"それらが旅行に。" 先に見るように外交' は言う方 
法地獄行きだ' である

On Jan 19, 2006, at 17.05, nakatake wrote:

> 英語がはっきり読めないが珍しいケース。連絡。 
> だけ読めたので連絡。インストール中真ん中ぐら 
> いでエラー。Liteで
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