[Matroska-users] Merging distinct videos.

doctlo-cyb2 at yahoo.com doctlo-cyb2 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 17:45:20 CET 2006

>> I was wondering if you could merge several videos into one large  
>> mkv file.
>The UNIX answer is: RTFM. It's all in the man page and the online  
>documentation. Provided the files all use the same formatting,  
>codecs, bitrates, and number of tracks, then it's trivial.
>mkvmerge file1 +file2 -o file3

I forgot to mention something. I do have mkvnixtools ( the cygwin
version) but haven't installed them yet. I am mostly using
VirtualDubMod  for now.

As for RTFM the problem with TM and matroska, is that
the available tools are quite diverse. so it's hard to know which
M to read.

>That's not combining them into a single file. That's linking them.  
>You can manually craft a chapter listing for the videos, then make  
>each "file" a different chapter in the file. QuickTime has a feature  
>where it creates one file that links to the other ones, which is  
>similar to what you're asking for (actually, I'm not entirely sure  
>what you ARE asking for...).

Not knowing what exactly matroska can do, I'm not exactly sure what
I am looking for ( since there maybe something I get which is not
quite what I am asking for but close enough ). As an example, I
have five files g1.mkv,g2.mkv,g3.mkv,g4.mkv, and g5.mkv. They 
are independent but interrelated ( like videos of  class room lectures
but of different sessions ). I want to merge all of them into one big
file G.(mkv???), but I want them to retain the characteristic of
individual videos. Like chapters of a book or songs of an album.

I don't know what form the second part can take ( technically speaking
), but the vision I have is some kind of menu like a DVD
reader brings up when a DVD is played. Or like the thumbnail section
of acrobat when reading a pdf file.

If this were all that would be enough for me. But it would be nice to
have another feature. Let's assume that I have videos g1.mkv-g15.mkv
and that after merging  I have a file G.mkv that is to big for one
DVD. it would be nice to break it into parts and retain the
characteristics of G ( like a set of files compressed by rar), ie the
index appears in each individual part.



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