[Matroska-users] Two things I thought of, using matroska!

Simon Heckmann heckmann at fbihome.de
Mon Feb 6 12:13:11 CET 2006


thanks for your feedback so far. All this solutions will surely work, 
but it won't be the best idea, right? I could add a empty subtitle 
stream, but this not a beautiful solution. Disabling Subtitles by 
default is also not suitable. I think the most user friendly way would 
be the following: A flag for each stream type if it should be played. 

Audio flag: 1, default track 0: the first Audiofile will be played on 
Subtitle flag: 1, default track 3: the 4th SubtitleStream will be 
displayed on startup
Audio flag: 0, default track ?: no Audio will be played until it is 
selected by the user
Subtitle flag 0, default track ?: no Subtitle will be played until it is 
selected by the user.

Actually for Audio this would not be so important, but for subtitles 
would be a good solution. So if you have a movie like StarWars with 
speech you don't speek nativly you could add the translation to subtitle 
no 3 for example and set this parameters: Subtitle flag 1, default 2. If 
you have a englich Movie you can add a englisch subtitle and set 
Subtitle flag to 0, so no Subtitles are shown on startup, unless i 
select them in Haalis Splitter (or whereever). This is just a 
suggestion, but i think a so mighty container as Matroska should feature 
such a thing. What do you think?

About the Editions, i used AviMuxGui to create the XML and used mkvmerge 
for muxing. As said, the file works fine. its only the switching thats 
uncomfortable. I thought of two implementations: 1. in the file again a 
flag like <remember_position>1</remember_position> or 2. a option in the 
player. But in fact in the file would be better, because somtimes you 
might want to play from the start on each angle-change.

Please note, this are only suggestions, they just came to my mind, of 
course you do, what you think is best. I just thought I tell you my 
thoughts as a user!

I hope you'll find a way!
Yours Simon Heckmann

Christian HJ Wiesner schrieb:

> Hi Simon,
> how exactly are you creating editions ? Do you write the XML files by 
> hand ?
> For the subtitles to not show permanently, the XCT team always 
> includes an empty SRT subs track and make it default track (sometimes 
> they add movie information in it also, like codecs used, resolution, 
> bitrates, etc.). The better solution would be to bug haali about 
> allowing to switch off subs by default in the splitter. However, as 
> MKV may contain forced subs, thats not a good idea in general.
> Hope this helped
> Christian
> matroska project admin
> P.S. Here you will find example files from the XCT team : 
> http://team-mkv.homedns.org:6969
> Simon Heckmann schrieb:
>> Hey people,
>> I started using Matroska some time ago and i works pretty well. I 
>> used it to backup my DVDs with 2 Audio-Files and DivX-Video. It 
>> worked pretty fine! I also added a JPEG-Cover which looks amazing 
>> with the ShellExtention installed. I now decided to use some more 
>> features of the Matroska-Container like Subtitles. So I added 
>> VobSub-Subtitles to the Movies, which using MkvToolNix also worked 
>> good. The problems occured during playback: There is always one 
>> Subtitle-Stream selected, if the file contains one. So for one movie 
>> it added the German Subtitles just in case, but now they are shown 
>> each time a play the movie. I also played around with the "make 
>> default track". It works for choosing a special subtitle 
>> automatically on start, but i found now way to turn the subtitles OFF 
>> by default. Because normally i watch movies without subtitles and 
>> only turn them on sometimes. So the question ist: How do disable 
>> subtitles for a movie? I would like to add Subtitles to my movies, 
>> but they need not be displayed an startup. Is there a way?
>> The second thing i came across is the following: I started using 
>> editions and after some time of trying if finally managed to generate 
>> a multi-angle film. Its a ahort feature from Star Wars showing the 
>> creation steps of the podrace in episode I. Angle 1 ist a overview, 
>> Angle 2 is Storyboard, Angle 3 is Animation and Angle 4 is the final 
>> Sequence. As said, after some work i got this in a working 
>> Matorka-File where you can switch with Haalis-Media-Splitter between 
>> the Angles. The only Problem I get is, that on each change the 
>> playback starts from the beginning. So unlike on a DVD you can not 
>> quickly switch between the angles. It there a way to make this work 
>> like on a normal DVD (continue playback from the same timestamp but 
>> in another angle)?
>> Let me say that Matrsoka is the best (!) DVD-Backup-Solution and I 
>> would love the see the Subtitle thing work, because that would be all 
>> i need to be happy. The Multi-Angle-Thing was more to play and try it 
>> out, but of course i would use it more often, if the changing would 
>> work like suggested.
>> I hope you can help me in anyway. Keep up the great work!
>> Waiting for your feedback, Simon Heckmann
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