[Matroska-users] Two things I thought of, using matroska!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Feb 6 08:28:16 CET 2006

Hi Simon,

how exactly are you creating editions ? Do you write the XML files by hand ?

For the subtitles to not show permanently, the XCT team always includes 
an empty SRT subs track and make it default track (sometimes they add 
movie information in it also, like codecs used, resolution, bitrates, 
etc.). The better solution would be to bug haali about allowing to 
switch off subs by default in the splitter. However, as MKV may contain 
forced subs, thats not a good idea in general.

Hope this helped

matroska project admin

P.S. Here you will find example files from the XCT team : 

Simon Heckmann schrieb:

> Hey people,
> I started using Matroska some time ago and i works pretty well. I used 
> it to backup my DVDs with 2 Audio-Files and DivX-Video. It worked 
> pretty fine! I also added a JPEG-Cover which looks amazing with the 
> ShellExtention installed. I now decided to use some more features of 
> the Matroska-Container like Subtitles. So I added VobSub-Subtitles to 
> the Movies, which using MkvToolNix also worked good. The problems 
> occured during playback: There is always one Subtitle-Stream selected, 
> if the file contains one. So for one movie it added the German 
> Subtitles just in case, but now they are shown each time a play the 
> movie. I also played around with the "make default track". It works 
> for choosing a special subtitle automatically on start, but i found 
> now way to turn the subtitles OFF by default. Because normally i watch 
> movies without subtitles and only turn them on sometimes. So the 
> question ist: How do disable subtitles for a movie? I would like to 
> add Subtitles to my movies, but they need not be displayed an startup. 
> Is there a way?
> The second thing i came across is the following: I started using 
> editions and after some time of trying if finally managed to generate 
> a multi-angle film. Its a ahort feature from Star Wars showing the 
> creation steps of the podrace in episode I. Angle 1 ist a overview, 
> Angle 2 is Storyboard, Angle 3 is Animation and Angle 4 is the final 
> Sequence. As said, after some work i got this in a working 
> Matorka-File where you can switch with Haalis-Media-Splitter between 
> the Angles. The only Problem I get is, that on each change the 
> playback starts from the beginning. So unlike on a DVD you can not 
> quickly switch between the angles. It there a way to make this work 
> like on a normal DVD (continue playback from the same timestamp but in 
> another angle)?
> Let me say that Matrsoka is the best (!) DVD-Backup-Solution and I 
> would love the see the Subtitle thing work, because that would be all 
> i need to be happy. The Multi-Angle-Thing was more to play and try it 
> out, but of course i would use it more often, if the changing would 
> work like suggested.
> I hope you can help me in anyway. Keep up the great work!
> Waiting for your feedback, Simon Heckmann
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