[Matroska-users] Re: Two things I thought of, using matroska (subtitles)

Sven Rieke sven.rieke at wanadoo.es
Mon Feb 6 10:03:38 CET 2006

> There is always one Subtitle-Stream selected, if the file contains 
> one. So for one movie it added the German Subtitles just in case, but 
> now they are shown each time a play the movie. I also played around 
> with the "make default track". It works for choosing a special 
> subtitle automatically on start, but i found now way to turn the 
> subtitles OFF by default.

You have to be more specific about the filters and codecs you use.
The Matroska-Container and Halli-Splitter aren't responsible for 
displaying subtitles, so you have to figure out,
which filter in your system displays them (look at output of MatroskaDiag).

I guess you're using DirectVobSub. In it's settings you can switch 
subtitles off by default (Misc : Hide subtitles).

If you use MediaPlayerClassic for playback, then it could be the player 
itself that is displaying the subtitles.
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any option to switch them off by 
But you could use a DirectShow render mode that prevents subtitle 
painting (look at Options : Playback : Output).

I hope that could be of any help.

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