[Matroska-users] menu, dvd, vlc, mplayer

Björn Nadrowski bjoern.nadrowski at uni-koeln.de
Wed Dec 20 14:30:16 CET 2006

I have just discovered the matroska container, and I think this is really a nice thing.
Now, I would really like to use it in order to archive my DVD's. 
On several places on the internet, I have read that it was possible to pack an entire DVD
containing all titles, menus, subtitles and audio in one Matroska file, which is what I would like to do.
However, I did not find any explanation how to do that. What I can do already right now, 
is to use lsdvd and other tools (using linux), and then extract, title by title, all audio and 
subtitle streams, give them fancy names "--track-name", encode the title with the x264 codec via mencoder, 
and pack all of that in one file. Additionally, I am also able to extract the chapter info using
dvdxchap, and I can also put that back into the matroska file. 
But how do I get the menus? I found Dvdextractor, and downloaded it (some version around 2004), but 
there was no readme file, and I had no idea how to install or use it. 
Furthermore, the word "menu" is not mentioned at all in the manpage of mkvmerge, so I am at a complete
loss regarding the question how to build menus in the matroska container. 
Maybe this works only for those people who know how to use the undocumented features?
A nice little guide about how to squeeze an entire DVD in one Matroska file would be nice. 
I also understand from the website, that playback, especially of menus, is still a problem, and that 
vlc comes closest to it. 
Experimenting with matroska and vlc, I found out that it is indeed not bad, because it displays the track-names 
of the tracks, so choosing the audio and the subtitle you want is indeed possible.
However, the test matroska I created contained two video tracks. These were displayed simultaneously by vlc (version 0.8.6),
and I have not the slightest idea how to stop that. In fact, vlc opened a second x-window in order to display the second video track.
Killing that window killed the playback altogether. 
Mplayer plays niceley whatever video, audio, and subtitle I want- but there is no way how to know which vid, aid, or sid is connected 
to which trackname, so you have to play around before you find the track you want to play back.
Maybe some of you have experienced the same or similar problems, and have found some kind of solutions?
Thanks for any kind of answers, Bjoern

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