[Matroska-users] Subtitles of center

Yang yang at op.pl
Tue Oct 25 17:14:11 CEST 2005

It's just in particular mkv file, or in all of them? Becouse it looks like 
the ssa or ass script is bad, and it wont be displayed properly. And 
changing setings in mpc wont afect ssa/ass scripts, becouse they have 
predefined styles. The best solution for this, is to demux those subtitles, 
and check the [V4+ Styles] part. You can show us this part, and we will know 
what to do, to fix it.There can be also bad info in PlayResX: and PlayResY:, 
so the vsfilter thinks he have biger video, than it is. So to be sure, just 
past us all part from the begining to few lines in events part.

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> When i start mkv files in media player classic the subtitles gett stuck in 
> the rigth corner so u kan only read about half. i have tryed to move them 
> using the settings butt theay arent moving nomather what setings i sett. 
> Enye ideas of how i kan solw this?
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