[Matroska-users] How do I extract the video and audio from a .mkv file

D. Micciche dmicciche at bluefrog.com
Sat Oct 15 19:42:39 CEST 2005

How do I extract the video and audio from a .mkv file so I can use the files in other programs!!

I'm putting way to much time into this "Matroska file". First off I understand that it's a "Container file" and not a driver codec. Container file... hmm... like a TAR or ZIP etc but different. Then why don't you make a way to pull the files out of the .mkv file so I can do other things with them other than just play them in VideoLan and Media Player. Another thing, in your pack you use Haali Media splitter to control what to play but, only after you start playing the video can I make the changes to...ie. change from Jap to Eng for the audio, and no subtitles. but not before I play it. It doesn't hold the settings if I need to "TRY AND SAVE THE AUDIO/VIDEO FILES so I can use them in other applications and /or "try to put on a DVD ect. I use two programs called Sony Video Vegas and DVD Architect  and can't get them to deal with your Matroska file (container). I know why...but why can a simple media player like VideoLAN open up your file and play it but you made no way to reverse the container process. I even tried in VideoLAN, they have a "save or transcode to a file" feature, I followed the wizard to do this and it doesn't work either! great!!
I've tried a program I think you folks had on your site called "River Past Video Cleaner Pro" which said that I can pull the audio/video out of a Matroska file but, was only reading 1 audio stream in the file, which was wrong there are two in the file. when I tried to force the settings to the correct audio setting stream number, the program would not take it. But at the bottom sys-tray is the "Haali Media splitter" showing all the streams in the file , I changed that to the Eng/no sub-title settings and the "River Past Video Cleaner Pro" program still doesn't see the other streams in the .mkv file. (*note, I have to have the file loaded in a media player program in the background before I can make these changes so the Haali and VobSub will load up) I've tried to make these changes to the programs mentioned by opening them up before seporately and making the changes to the audio lang selection and the sub-title selections. But the program changes don't hold when closed. that's useless.
You folks should make a way to extract the files in a .mkv file if a person wants to just as you made it contain files/streams into one file. Saving  the files with which ever settings you want to apply to the out putted files. just like when PLAYING the file. I mean it's like WinZip making their program to compress a number of files into one .zip file but, no way to unzip them after when needed to run them. I look at your .mkv file (container) format just like that.
Again, Please help and tell me how to extract the video/audio files  with the lang selection/no-sub title settings from a .mkv file. 
Thank you,
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