[Matroska-users] please let it die , give up . so we dont get more of this shit!!!

E de Haan xfysiotherapiebalyelaa at wanadoo.nl
Wed Oct 12 18:52:14 CEST 2005

can u put a chapter in the faq how to convert ure lame .mkv files to normal avi. 
cause i got a mkv file and do not like this format . 
its horendous for non technical people .
]just let it die or something . tried all ure silly ways to get it working , but nothin....

if u wanna make sumthing we all can enjoy make it easier for the people .
cause it will die out like this , all i see in forums , is bitching and complaining about mkv files.
ure not that loved hehehehe
thnx but no thnx guys
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