[Matroska-users] Matroska doesn't couple with telecine?

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Mon Nov 28 19:44:21 CET 2005


On Thursday 24 November 2005 23:22, ErniTron wrote:

> With many movies (not all but quite a few) playing the resulting 
> matroska file with mplayer (and also vlc latest versions) on both linux 
> and windows the video has evident defects like large squares in small 
> (1/2secs) fragments of movie. While playing the VOB it is absolutely 
> smooth. Also the video only m2v file resulting from demux plays smoothly.
> Interesting fact is that playing the VOB with mplayer with -v -v says 
> "telecine" passing through the same fragments. I guess that the dvd is 
> filled with hard/soft telecine segments that matroska muxer or container 
> cannot couple with.

Matroska (the container format) itself has no problems with
telecine. I'd guess that mkvmerge has a bug or two regarding
telecine. Unfortunately I have no telecined material (me living in
Europe); and I haven't written that part of mkvmerge either. So it's
kinda hard for me to figure out what the problem might be...


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