[Matroska-users] Fwd: MKV-Files

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Nov 19 12:52:22 CET 2005

Hi Jens,

no, MKVtoolnix is for editing and creation of MKV files, not for 
playback. You do have several options :

1. VLC (http://videolan.org) : Support for 98% of all existing MKV 
files, only those using ON2VP6/7 (unlikely) or Realvideo (French release 
scene, like [XTC] team) are not supported. Requires no additional 
decoder filters, as its self contained, so there is no possible 
interference with playback for any other mediatypes in Windows Mediaplayer.

2. matroska DirectShow playback pack (http://packs.matroska.org) : First 
install the lite pack, and make a first test. If it doesn't play then, 
you don't have the right decoder filters for the video and audio streams 
on your computer, and you have to use the full pack instead.  After 
installation of the full pack, the MKV files should play fine in Windows 
Mediaplayer or any other DirectShow based player, like TCMP, Zoomplayer 
or MPC. If they still don't play, your MKV file is using some exotic 
audio or video codec. For these cases we include a tool into the full 
pack, called 'matroskadiag.exe' . It will analyze your file and find out 
what audio or video compression method was used, and if it knows it, 
will point you to a place where you can obtain the necessary decoder 

3. Xine or mplayer will also play most MKV files, on Linux Gstreamer is 
another possible option


matroska project admin

P.S. Als Doktor solltest Du ja wohl etwas Englisch können, und diese 
Liste (matroska-users) ist englischsprachig ;-) ....

Moritz Bunkus schrieb:

>should probably have gone to the list. It's in German.
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> MKV-Files
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> "Jens Hartmann" <Dr_Jens.Hartmann at T-Online.de>
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> Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:29:40 +0100
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> matroska-users-owner at lists.matroska.org
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> matroska-users-owner at lists.matroska.org
> Hallo,
> Ihr Tool soll ja auch zum Abspielen von MKV-Dateien dienen. Dennoch 
> finde ich nach der Installation im MediaPlayer keinerlei Optionen ???
> Was muß ich noch optionieren und gibt es evtl. auch GERMAN-LANGUAGE ???
> Grüße
> Jens

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