[Matroska-users] Problems demuxing .mkv file with h264

Thomas Silvestro tomsilvestro at comcast.net
Thu May 26 20:03:13 CEST 2005

Hello Matroska
  I need a little help with these new h264 .mkv files I've been downloading from IRC. When I try to demux them using your MKVEGUI the audio and subtitles demux without a problem but when it comes the video the dumxer did not know the right extension to use. I gave it and avi extension (witch is what is usually dumuxes the video to) but it could not create the file. 
 Is there a new update coming in for your demuxer or is this h264 not recognized yet by your software. Please help me if you can.
Tom Silvestro
tomsilvestro at comcast.net
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